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The signature 8-week program to help women actually lose belly fat, get strong, and carve out defined muscles through strength training and without restrictive fad diets.

This program is designed for you if:

You’re done with restrictive diets that have you lose a few pounds only to gain it right back

You are a cardio queen and you don't understand how to strength train properly to build muscle

You are going to the gym consistently, but you aren’t sure why your body  isn’t changing

To confidently walk into a gym knowing what to do to continue building fat-burning muscle

How simple nutrition and basic strength training can keep you lean, strong, and independent for life

That you never have to diet again because you’ll know how to eat for your goals and still have the foods you love

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In this program, you can expect to learn:
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You'll do this through:

Weekly group coaching calls so we can deep dive into important topics, learn from one another and get pressing questions answered.

Four-strength training workouts weekly designed to build muscle. You'll do these workouts on your own time. These workouts are written by me, your personal trainer for 8-weeks!

(A $2000 value)

M-F access to me for 1:1 nutrition & exercise support and accountability

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NEVER do a starvation diet again only to gain the weight right back. NEVER again follow a bland meal plan with foods you don’t like. NEVER again walk into a gym and have no clue what exercises to do for the defined muscles you want.

Group coaching programs offer significant savings over 1:1 training arrangements.

To work with me 1:1, packages start at $2,000.


The group model allows me to offer the program for a fraction of that cost.

A convenient payment plan option is available:

333 x 3

(Three payments of $333 each. This plan bills in 30-day increments based on the date you enroll)

What’s more, two additional bonuses have been added to make this even more of a no-brainer for your fitness goals!

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Two additional weeks of muscle building strength training plans. Once our 8-weekly calls are over, you’ll have an additional 2-weeks of workouts to keep working. 10 weeks of training guidance total!

One complimentary month in the Diligent Fitness Membership Community once the program concludes. The membership includes 4- live virtual workouts weekly with access to on-demand replays, a community accountability group and member-only challenges.

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