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The Diligent Fitness Membership Community is an online fitness membership helping busy women get strong, lose fat, and build defined muscles from home with efficient, effective workouts.

The Diligent Fitness membership is a solution for a woman who can’t do long commutes to the gym and needs a fast, fun and effective solution at home.
It is a one-stop solution for the busy woman that would find it helpful to have effective workouts curated and delivered virtually without having one more thing to think about.
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The membership includes:

30-minute LIVE virtual classes focused on strength training enabling fat loss and muscle definition. Each class is purposefully designed to include a proper warm up, followed by a strength training focused workout and cool down stretch allowing muscles to recover.

Training sessions that cover the full body each week, so you’ are covered head to toe working lower body, upper body and core.


On-demand class recordings so if you miss a live class, you can still get it in.


Private community on Facebook to fellowship with like-minded women for the encouragement, support, and accountability.


Nutrition support so you can be sure your diet supports your goals

Members-only challenges and workshops

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Minimal equipment is needed for class. Dumbbells are the main tool we’ll use to build muscle and get lean. Having a light, medium and heavy pair is highly recommended. We’ll also occasionally use a mini resistance band, stepper and a yoga mat, but these are

completely optional.

The membership is for you if:

You’re too busy to commute to the gym or you simply don’t feel comfortable training in a gym environment.

You are looking for efficient workouts leading to fat loss and muscle definition

You’re not afraid to lift weights to get strong and lose fat

You’re looking for a community for support and accountability

You are looking for a program that will guide and educate you on sustainable fitness

The membership is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a quick weight loss fix or short term gimmicks

You’re unwilling to lift weights for fat loss and strength

You are not wiling to train virtually from the convenience of home


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membership options available, starting at



  • What equipment do I need?
    You’ll need dumbbells. I suggest a light, medium, and heavy pair to start. As our goal is always to build strength, you should be prepared to acquire a variety of dumbbells at some point. We’ll also use a mini resistance band, aerobic stepper, and a yoga mat, but these are completely optional. You will also need internet and Zoom access to attend live classes.
  • How long are the classes?
    Just 30 minutes! We’ll do a proper warm-up, training session, and cool down.
  • What are class times?
    Classes are held Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6:45am eastern time, and on Saturdays 9am eastern time.
  • How long until I see results?
    This will vary for everyone and largely be based on what your goal is. The main thing to remember is that your goals require consistent work, both with your training and nutrition, so give yourself time. At Diligent Fitness, we are focused on lifelong, sustainable habits, not quick fixes. If you’re looking to drop weight quickly, this is not the program for you.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    On-demand replays are offered for each live class and are available anytime. Classes are posted approximately 1 hour after they occur live.
  • Will we do cardio?
    Yes! We will incorporate cardio into many workouts, though our primary focus will be strength training.
  • Will I get bulky if I lift heavy weights?
    This is a very common fear among women. The average woman looking to get fit has nothing to worry about. That bulky look women tend to fear is caused by nutritional choices and not due to strength training.
  • Is a meal plan included?
    No. The Diligent Fitness approach is to teach the basics of sound nutrition so members are equipped to make the best decisions for themselves. Members will learn how simple eating for their goals can be and retain that knowledge for life. These are things meal plans don’t provide.
  • Are classes ever offered in person?
    All classes are virtual. There is no in-person component. However, local Detroit area members may occasionally be invited to in-person pop-up workouts.
  • What if classes are too hard?
    Sometimes new things feel hard! But modifications for many exercises are offered as an alternative. In all, members are encouraged to move at their own pace and complete the workouts in the ways that work best for them.
  • How will I know if I’m doing the exercises correctly?
    A strong emphasis is placed on proper form in class. Form instructions and tips are taught and reinforced in each training session.
  • Is there a membership contract?
    No. Memberships can be canceled anytime by logging into your TeamUp account. Please note that membership payments cannot be refunded.
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